Integrated Process Systems, Inc. (IPS) Integrated Process Systems, Inc. (IPS) is a world-class manufacturer of automated wet process equipment and material handling systems. From automated loading and unloading equipment, to the latest technology for horizontal conveyorized spray process equipment, or our manual and automated plating systems. Integrated Process Systems, Inc. is your solution for the most state-of-the-art process equipment.

Our product line includes:
Vertical Conveyorized Spray Process Equipment
Horizontal Conveyorized Spray Etch Equipment
IPS Automation Material Handling Equipment
  Manual and Automated Plating Systems
  Photoresist Pulling Systems ("Dip Coaters")

IPS is able to continue to expand its current growth by being multi-product and multi-industry. With the depth of IPS's product line, we can offer turnkey wet process facilities with all engineering required to design and manufacture a project. IPS stands alone as an equipment supplier by being able to offer this depth of service to our customers.

IPS has established an extensive network of salespeople nationwide that have the ability to service the products that are being installed. This sales force is factory-trained by IPS, and is key to achieving a high level of repeat sales among our current customers.

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