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Conversations With...Dan Czebiniak, IPS


Integrated Process Systems has come a long way since its founding in 1996. The Utah-based turnkey provider of wet processing and material handling equipment recently signed industry veteran Dan Czebiniak as technical sales manager.

We caught up with Czebiniak recently and asked him about his upcoming plans for IPS.

ANDY SHAUGHNESSY: Give us a little background about yourself and IPS, and your experience in the industry. 

DAN CZEBINIAK: I have been in the circuit board/electronics industry since college --1986.  I started my career at IBM as a temp, and then I was hired at HADCO.  I have held positions as a lab technician, engineering technician, process engineer, and then senior manufacturing engineer at HADCO, Sanmina-SCI Owego, and TTM Technologies, in Chippewa Falls and Redmond. My primary responsibilities have been in copper plate, Ni/Au plate, wire-bonding soft gold, electroless copper, ENiG, immersion tin and silver, solder mask, and strip/etch/strip. I have installed a variety of process equipment over the years, and that is how I was associated with IPS.  

ANDY: What market segments does IPS serve? 

DAN: IPS serves numerous industries. The primary industry is the electronics segment, but we also have numerous customers in the die cutting and metal finishing segments.  We are also expanding into the solar industry.

ANDY: What would you say is your company’s “sweet spot?”

DAN: The current sweet spot is horizontal processes for the electronics industry. We have made numerous advancements in the equipment to keep up with the industry’s changing needs and technologies, from hole-cleaning processes for high-aspect-ratio product to difficult etching of panel-plating product. We have a vast array of modular components and equipment that can be specifically set up or modified to fit all of our customers’ needs and applications.

ANDY: In your new role as technical sales manager, how do you hope to support the company’s continued growth? 

DAN: I plan on supporting the company by assisting in the design of the equipment based on my experience in the electronics industry.  I understand the manufacturing shortcomings and limitations of equipment in processing the technologies that high-end customers are requesting.  I will use my resources to keep in touch with where the industry is going, and facilitate our efforts to keeping our equipment current or ahead of the competition. 

ANDY: What are the biggest challenges you’re facing today, and your customers as well? 

DAN: We are currently facing name recognition issues in the industry with big manufacturing companies who traditionally buy equipment from companies in Germany and China. We plan to aggressively pursue those companies to show that our equipment equals and/or exceeds our competitors’ equipment in technology, capabilities, cost, technical support and long-term robustness.  

ANDY: What are your company’s plans for the next five years?

DAN: Our plans are to get more market share in the electronics industry away from the foreign competition, and also expand into the solar and metal finishing industries.

ANDY: Thanks for your time, Dan.

DAN: Thanks for the opportunity.

Photo Courtesy of Utah BLM

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