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IPS to Display Wide Range of Technical Capabilities at Upcoming IPC Printed Circuits Expo

Cedar City, UT, March 24, 2010 -- Integrated Process Systems, Inc., a leading provider of equipment used to manufacture complex multilayer printed circuit boards, and Electro-Mechanical (E-M) Solutions will exhibit a wide range of technology at the upcoming IPC show in Las Vegas, Nev., April 6-9, 2010.

On display will be the company’s Hole Debris Cleaning System, which uses pressurized air, ultrasonics and pressurized water. Additionally, attendees will have the opportunity to watch presentations or obtain material on the following technology:

  • Thin Material Transport and Fine Line Conveyor Etching Systems
  • Pulse/Airless-type manual and automated copper plating systems 
  • Insoluble anode plating systems and copper replenishment (copper Sulfate and Copper Gobbler type systems)
  • Direct Metallization and Oxide Replacement systems
  • Fume air scrubbing and mist elimination systems

“Integrated Process Systems has been providing top-of-the-line custom equipment and customer support to the circuit board industry and to E-M solutions,” said IPS President Mike Brask. No other company can provide the custom machinery and top-notch service IPS can, from space management and high-volume manufacturing to the latest in green (scrubber) manufacturing.”

The Hole Clean Line

The IPS Hole clean system is designed to meet today’s extreme demands of small-hole, high aspect ratio circuit boards. By ensuring a clean, dry hole, the IPS Hole Cleaning Series improves yields in PTH/Metallization well beyond many customers’ expectations.

Through the use of compressed air, ultrasonics and high-pressure water blasting, the IPS Hole Clean Line processes panels without a lot of process control and chemical exposure or expense. 

The Scrubber

IPS scrubbers are designed to meet Federal and local air compliance guidelines. Designed for ease of use, they require a minimum of water and power. Systems are designed to customers’ site requirements and work in conjunction with all IPS and other manufacturers’ wet process equipment.

About IPS

Integrated Process Systems, Inc. is a world-class manufacturer of wet process equipment. The company was formed in June of 1996. With a philosophy of being a multi-product, multi-industry company, IPS chose to acquire existing businesses to complete its product line and gain market share. In 1996, IPS purchased the assets of VCM for its Vertical Process Equipment, and in 2000, IPS purchased the assets of Western Technology Associates, Inc. (WTA) for its horizontal process equipment and VRP technology.

Photo Courtesy of Utah BLM

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