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ICM Controls Purchases Chemical Etch Lines from IPS

Electronic controls manufacturer, ICM Controls, recently purchased a copper chloride etching system, HCM Model 21, from IPS.

Scott Dixon, ICM's Printed Circuit Board Manager, had this to say about ICM's PCB operation and the decision to partner with IPS in this capital equipment buy: "In 2004, ICM built a new state-of-the-art facility in an effort to continue our position as a world leader in electronic controls for the HVACR industry. As part of that effort, ICM invested in the printed circuit board fabrication department. After considering all manufacturers, IPS was selected to supply ICM with four complete horizontal chemical production lines due largely to equipment robustness, small footprint, simplicity of maintaining the equipment and certainly value."

Commenting on the benefits and unique value of their systems, IPS president Mike Brask adds, "The HCM etching machine has a computer controlled recipe system. Once the operator pre-programs commonly used recipe batches, they can simply call up a specific recipe."

"We are pleased with our IPS etchers, and feel that IPS will be a partner of ICM for years to come in our printed circuit board equipment needs," added Dixon.

About ICM

ICM is a leader in the HVACR industry for the manufacture of electronic controls. Known for its product and process innovation, the company strives to maintain its reputation through extensive capitalization, focusing on its greatest manufacturing strength--true vertical integration.

About IPS

Integrated Process Systems, Inc. (IPS) is a world-class manufacturer of wet process equipment. The company was formed in June of 1996. With a philosophy of being a multi-product, multi-industry company, IPS chose to acquire existing businesses to complete its product line and gain market share. In 1996, IPS purchased the assets of VCM for its vertical process equipment and, in 2000, IPS purchased the assets of Western Technology Associates, Inc. (WTA) for its horizontal process equipment and VRP technology. For more information, visit .

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