Take Part in the "Toughest Board" Challenge!

Clearing the path between drilling and the electroless process, Integrated Process Systems has developed a Horizontal Conveyorized Hole Clean Line that effectively and affordably cleans and wets the tiniest holes. The newly developed process is flexible enough to allow the circuit board manufacturer to use as a final clean. Ensuring holes are clean and wet going into the electroless copper line eliminates the need for ultrasonic transducers in the process tanks. This is what separates IPS's equipment from its competitors.

With this system, your production will be high quality and cost effective, helping your bottom line.

This system is highly effective as the panels are ultrasonically cleaned individually. The circuit board panels get 100% coverage from the ultrasonic and subsequent process modules.

Need proof? Send us your toughest boards!

To demonstrate confidence in our hole clean line, we invite you to send us a sample of your toughest, most challenging boards and we will show you just what we can do with our Horizontal Conveyorized Hole Clean Line. Please fill in the short form to let us know you are taking part in the challenge.

Here's how it works:

Module 1 uses a high-pressure blow off with airheads shuttling 110 psi to blow debris from the holes, while it is drying. The system also has a vacuum and filter to collect the debris, removing any chance that it will re-enter the holes. Module 2 ultrasonically cleans with 25KHZ and 28KHZ ultrasonic transducers to remove any remaining debris from the holes, and to wet them. The ultrasonic is followed by a 1200-psi high-pressure rinse and a final rinse. Module 3 is a dryer that can be turned off so the parts can be loaded wet into the electroless copper line.

Photo Courtesy of Utah BLM

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